What makes a nurse to be great?

“Nursing is doing for others what they would do for themselves if they had the knowledge and ability. It’s also about thinking, not filling out forms, but about knowing the kind of things most people need and anticipating their needs without being told” Nancy Roper

As a career, nursing is physically demanding, emotionally draining and doesn’t get easier with time or age. No day is the same.

I run an internet advice group called Nurse Mastermind. I regularly ask my group members about their views on nursing, and we share best practice and advice with each other. I wanted to ask them about what are the qualities of a great nurse, and I used this image. It had 7212 impressions (without paid traffic) and 88 engagements from nurses, so it is a hot topic!


Here is what our community said makes a nurse great:

  • Care, Compassion, Courage, Commitment, Competence, Communication
  • Vocation, Empathy, Responsibility
  • Love and Patience
  • Be Humble and Energetic
  • Being able to make a difference no matter how small
  • Being selfless and understanding the people you serve
  • Carrying out excellent and caring work under constant pressure often without support
  • Non-Judgemental and compassionate nursing care for all regardless of the social status of the patient
  • Love the job and be able to sacrifice more time to work and be a good listener
  • To love people with no limitation, give all, smile and let our patients know that all will be well and no harm will come to them and give hope to helpless