Juliet Gallop

I have worked with Valeria over the past eight months in a very challenging and complex home. When Valeria joined us, we had very little permanent staff and the culture within the home was very much a lackadaisical approach. The staff had not been managed and were not used to evidencing the key areas of care for residents. Valeria was able to put measures in place, re-do care plans and her administrative skills were excellent. Valeria was also very strong in reporting and this is a key area that a Home Manager needs someone reliable. For areas of development, about five months ago I sat down with Valeria to discuss some feedback that had been given to me about how at times Valeria can come across a little abrupt and that perhaps she should could be a little slower/softer in her communication with people. Valeria very much took this on board and there was a noticeable positive difference. I would have no hesitation in recommending Valeria for future placements.