Lorena-Beatrice Ardelean

Hi Valeria! I have to tell you that I was skeptical about buying the book because of the price, but still I was curious to see where I could improve my knowledge. I received your book three days ago and I read it. I just wanted to tell you that I found myself in your book. And I had to learn "the hardway", unfortunately. Your book is easy to read and easy to understand. I would have liked to read it two years ago when I first came to England as a nurse. But I have learned a lot from your book. I'm a person who cannot tolerate abuse and I do many complaints and most of the times I'm rebellious and the managers look badly at me ... which most of the time made me doubt of myself and I wonder why is just me who see these things? Why I am the only one making complaints? Is there something wrong with me? But after reading your book, I realized that "speaking up" is not a bad idea even if it makes you unpopular. A topic you did not develop is what we do with managers who abuse staff by overworking them. How did you said you had to take a 24-hour shift. I was forced to cover 2 units all summer because of the short staff. And I was told that I must be able to accommodate 2 units because I am a senior nurse. I found this explanation absurd, but I switched and worked on 2 units. And as you said in your book, at the end of the day I prayed to have signed all the charts and done everything well, I dream about work at night and back to work in the morning. What to do in these cases? Another topic you have not developed at all is health care assistant ... what do we do with them? How do we make them do the right thing? How do we make them understand the importance of doing their job properly? As I noticed that the supervision or record of conversation does not really scare them, they do not feel that will be consequences if they do not do the job well. Maybe you can address this topics too. Sorry for my long message. I do not post such messages on facebook publicly, maybe because I am afraid of being ridiculed. That's why I allowed myself to write to you privately. Have a lovely day! And success in all!