New Book Reveals: All You Need to Know to Work as a Nurse in UK

Bestselling author and speaker released a new upcoming book Be A Great Nurse.
It advises readers on how to overcome the very stressful nursing experience especially at the beginning in this career.
This upcoming book reveals practical strategies designed to help nurses coming from overseas to:

  • Understand the UK health system: policies, procedures and protocols
  • The importance of documentation and record keeping
  • How to assess patients and keep them safe
  • How to manage most common wounds
  • How to support patients at the end of life with dignity and respect
  • How to report and carry out quality audit

Some facts:
   One in four nurses in UK come from abroad.

   Hospitals are under pressure to hire more nurses than ever before to care for the growing number of elderly  patients and overall growth in the UK population.

   After UK voted to leave the EU the number of nurses is declining. According to Royal College of Nursing there are 24.000 nursing vacancies.

In an unprecedented move, the author is offering limited amount FREE copies of the book once published. To get on the waiting list and receive the first chapter instantly, interested people should go to: