Medication Administration

Before starting the medication round:

  • Prepare the medication trolley with enough pots, cups, water, spoons
  • Take any medication needed from the fridge
  • Make sure that you are signing the authorised staff members list (signature and initials) found on the beginning of the Mar Sheets Folder when you administer medication for the first time
  • Identify the service user and check allergies and care notes
  • Check Mar sheet against the medication label
  • When you open a new medication box/ bottle make sure you write the opening date
  • Dispense the correct medication dose directly in to a medicine pot and offer immediately to the service user
  • After the medication has been taken the nurse signs the Mar Sheet. In case of any controlled drug administration a witness would be also involved.
  • If a medication has not been taken record on the Mar Sheet the appropriate code found on the bottom of the page (any clarification can be added on the back of the Mar Sheet)
  • If a dose has not been taken or missed a Gap analysis form/ Medication incident report should be completed
  • If the company provides you with a red apron you must use it to avoid disruption during medication round

Before administration establish the five “rights”:

  • Right person
  • Right medication
  • Right dose
  • Right time
  • Right route

Only suitable trained persons should undertake the administration of medication.

Medication blister colors:

  • white is for early morning medication
  • pink blister is for morning
  • yellow is for lunch
  • orange is for tea time
  • blue for night medication