Focus on Design, not on Being a Designer

An awesome artist doesn’t always talk about art. They are way too busy creating art. Similarly, a great gymnast doesn’t talk about sport. They are way too busy creating magical moments in the field.

Being a designer doesn’t make you special just following someone else’s path, what you do and accomplish with your time and deeds is what makes you special.

Design Principles of your product should tell you, your team and stakeholders which paths you should follow in the tough choices.

There goes the same problem: some teams put obvious design principles for their product: clarity, simplicity, usability – but you can’t create a good product without keeping such things in mind, and nowadays professionals stick with such principles by default:


  • Principles of good design: a scope of rules that define a great design
  • Principles for the design process: explains the way of work to create great products
  • Design principles for the products: how a product should feel, what emotions should it brings, what distinct it from the others.
  • Design principles for the systems: unify your product experience in different circumstances.


Which are the good principles?

  • Simple
  • Have a real world examples
  • Guide design decisions
  • Reflect your brand

Users should get personal value every time they interact with your product. Whether is every day or once a year, users should always feel in control, able to pick up right where they left off. They should immediately understand the usefulness of your product. Keep them motivated by ensuring that the right actions and tools are readily present.

All our services and platforms are one connected whole which deliver experiences sensitive to their context of use. We connect our audiences where there are shared interests and experiences.

Last but not least, we put quality first.