Save your time, reputation, and possibly your career

In this book “Be a great nurse”, I have collected and collated most of the essential information you need to succeed and fulfill the requirements of successful nursing in the UK. I had to learn all of this the hard way! You will find sections on required documentation required for getting work as a nurse, important information on management of medication, depth in the advice about assessments and care plans (which form a huge part of the work you will undertake), as well as knowledge about handling wound management, infection control, and care of the dying. You will also learn the importance of Safeguarding and how to raise a concern about abuse in a way that protects you and the patient, how to avoid common errors in record-keeping, and the importance of regular training.

In short, I’ve put everything into this book that will help you to succeed as a nurse in the UK medical environment. You will read lots of information you need to know, and also many examples of real incidents, the problems that can occur, and obstacles you may face. When you apply to become a nurse in the UK, you will face job interviews, and if you don’t know the terminology or procedures, you won’t be offered a job. But with this book, you have the knowledge you need to succeed.

With all the information contained here, you will be well-prepared, confident, and gain a reputation as a great nurse in the UK.

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