The 26 hours day

On 22nd of April 2013, I landed at Luton Airport with a big 27 kg suitcase, a laptop bag, a lot of dreams, and £800 (all my savings), ready for a new beginning. I can even remember that I was dressed in red, my lucky color. Nobody was waiting for me at the Airport. I had a drawn a sort of map with a pen, collecting all the information I needed which I’d got from the internet.

I bought a one-way train ticket to Purley. By asking people nearby and following the signs from the airport, I managed to get to the train station. I took the train to East Croydon were I had to change and from there straight to Purley. I was counting all the stations, sitting next to the door so I would not miss my station. Part way through my journey, the Romanian agency phoned to let me know that I must go to the head office, and not to the nursing home as agreed initially.

Finally, I took a taxi from the station to the new address. The taxi driver said that we arrived at the destination, so I got out and gathered all my bags and he sped away to his next job. I then looked at the house number in front of me…. it was 13 and not 30! So, I had to pull my heavy bags all the way along the road to the number 30.

I was placed in a room and asked to wait until somebody will be available to talk to me. Then I met Harry (the acquisition manager), and he came like an angel in response to my prayer. He took me out to buy a telephone card, he showed me around so I could get more orientated, and then he dropped me at the nursing home to wait until 18:00. Then we did a little shopping and went to meet my new landlord as he returned from work. When I finally reached my new home, I took a shower and fell asleep instantly, as it had been a very long day.