Nurse Uniform

You know that you are a nurse when you have more uniform in your wardrobe than any other type of clothing!

Remember, this uniform comes with responsibilities.

You need to look professional and trustworthy for the people you look after.

Agency Nurses and permanent staff will ensure that they attend their shifts in the correct uniform.

  • Navy Blue Tunic is generally used in NHS (the color can be different from a work place to another; from an agency to another)
  • Trousers are Navy Blue or Black.
  • Shoes are Navy Blue or Black, clean and suitably sturdy (They must have a back and encompass the whole foot).
  • Nurses must not wear jewelry or watches on their forearms or wrists. Only wedding bands are acceptable to be worn during a shift.
  • Keep nails short and no nail varnish
  • Hair is kept above the collar whether cut or worn.