HOW A GREAT NURSE LOOK LIKE – from my residents point of view

I asked my residents how a great nurse look like? How the ideal nurse looking after them look like?

They said that a great nurse:

  • allows you enough time to speak
  • do what they say they are going to do
  • be a good listener – pacify people
  • have compassion and common sense
  • be supportive
  • have a good bedside manner
  • smiling face
  • skilled and competent
  • considerate and empathetic
  • warm temperament
  • likes people
  • persuasive but not aggressive
  • comforting and patient
  • unconditional positive regard
  • positive mental attitude
  • gives correct medication
  • has no jewellery and has short nails

They said that a great nurse is not:

  • shouting or raising voice
  • not being flexible – when they say “it’s not my job”
  • patronising
  • lack of consistency