Be a great nurse – 6.10.2017 book launch in London

“Be a great nurse – All you need to know to work as a nurse in UK” was launched on 6th October 2017


Kester Fraser – BUPA Residents Experienced Manager talking about “Be a great nurse”

“I am quite confident that the knowledge that you actually put into this book will be of assistance to a lot of the nurses out there. For us, as a recruiter of nurses, it hopefully will act as a tool for them and supervised guidance, because a lot of the times you can get lost in the system. A lot of the information that Valeria is taken the time to claim and put into this book will save many hours of finding the information. I am quite pleased that somebody is actually taken the time to do that. From my knowledge, there is nothing like it presently on the market. So I wish you all the success. And I am quite confident that will be a success because is very much relevant in today’s world, for recruitment, for organisations like ourselves that rely heavily on nurses. I’ve been quite fortunate to work with Valeria now for a few months and see her work. ”


Kim Smith – End of Life Community Nurse

“… community or in the acute trust, so I don’t know anything like this. Your breath of knowledge is impressive, that you’ve tackle every area of nursing, which is good. You give very good practical advice to nurses coming to the UK on: application forms, on registration, on thinks you don’t know and things you (Valeria) went through personally that inspire you to go and write the book. There is a lot of practical information in there.  And I think if I was a new nurse to the UK I will find it helpful.”