The book: Be a Great Nurse


Be a great nurse – is not just a book, it’s a program or if you wish you can call it your ticket to succeed as a nurse in UK.

The price is £44 and include:

  • The book which is the basic knowledge you need to know
  • Access to an exclusivist Nurses Mastermind group
  • Have the author on the other end of the line when you are stuck
  • Receive the updates on the content as the legislation changes

If you still think is expensive, you can read the first chapter of the book for FREE by registering your details here:

  • One in four nurses in UK come from abroad.
  • Hospitals are under pressure to hire more nurses than ever before to care for the growing number of elderly patients and overall growth in the UK population.

“Be a Great Nurse” is all about a nurse needs to know to start working in United Kingdom.

“Be a Great Nurse” is a book that will be very helpful to:

  • Newly qualified nurses within UK
  • Experienced nurses that come from abroad to work in UK
  • Home Managers that have nurses from both categories mentioned above.

About the author

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer and Nurse Valeria Costinar is an excellent quality care specialist working with small to big size companies to improve their quality of services and processes.

Valeria has a University Degree in Business Administration and Nursing and Master Degree in Marketing Online. In UK she completed NVQ5 Management and Leadership in Health Care and Social Services.

Valeria arrived in UK on 2013 and became proficient in the UK health and social care system. Since then, Valeria has been involved with helping nursing homes and care staff to deliver quality care respecting the national framework and CQC standards. She held different position starting as a staff nurse on the floor, Unit Manager, Clinical Manager etc. Her mission now is to share her experience by writing this book to help other nurses coming in UK to overcome the obstacles at the beginning in this career.