1 to 1 Coaching

We offer 1 to 1 coaching for nurses at every stage of their careers.

 Coaching is for:

  • Newly qualified nurses who want to achieve practical competence quickly
  • Nurses from overseas who need help to get established in nursing in the UK
  • Nurses who need a comprehensive induction before starting work
  • Nurses who want to accelerate their career progression
  • Nurses who feel a lack of support from their manager
  • Nurses who have a gap in their knowledge or have made mistakes
  • Nurses who require help to achieve the requirements for revalidation

Like any true professional, a Great Nurse has depth of training and is supported in his/her career to reach his or her potential. Elite athletes have a personal trainer to help them reach their professional goals and stay on top of their game.

At SOS Life Ltd., we give you the knowledge and support to achieve your potential. You can become a Great Nurse – practising nursing at the highest level, and become known as an outstanding practitioner.


Coaching equips nurses through support and advice to:

  • Fill knowledge gaps to ensure safe and robust practice
  • Integrate quickly into a new setting
  • Progress to more senior roles ahead of other nurses
  • Know how to rectify errors in the correct way
  • Protect your reputation when problems arise
  • Build confidence to take difficult decisions at work
  • Be supported with advice and advocacy through a disciplinary process
  • Plan and implement your career progression